Morning activities

Each day I try to stick to a flexible routine with dd. We wake up, have breakfast which is usually PB toast, yogurt and fruit. She's not a big eater in the morning. Then it's play time. It can be hard finding a balance between interactive play time and doing chores/ homework. I try to spend most of the morning sitting on the floor with her, doing puzzles, reading books, coloring with beeswax crayons. I also try to fit in a few mins of reading or a couple chores for myself. I actually find these activities relaxing now. When I do my own thing, I put on a dvd for dd. We are new to the dvd world, we only got a tv recently, and I try to keep it to a minimum.


Parent Club said...

great blog. I've got a jogging stroller for you!

Rose said...

My ds was born in Jan 2007 and at your dd's age he mostly ate scrambled eggs for breakfast. I scrambled the egg, but cooked it like an omelet without cheese (although adding cheese is good too) and then was able to cut the egg into bite sized pieces that he could skewer and eat with a fork by himself. He will not be fed, so being able to eat it himself without a giant mess was very desirable for me!

michellescuka said...

Oh yeah, dd loves eggs. I usually don't think to make them for breakfast weirdly enough, I always make them for lunch. Thanks for the idea.

Yay for the jogging stroller Parent Club!!