Environmental issues and disasters are constantly making headlines. The media's fascination with a global doomsday, and a lack of attention around positive changes can cause fear in children known as ecophobia. 

Children who feel hopeless and fearful about the environment are going to have a hard time connecting.

While I think it is important to recognize the problems that we face such as climate change and pollution, even more pressing is enabling children and youth to correct these issues. One of the best methods for fostering a caring attitude toward the environment is to have children get out into nature.

Studies have shown that children learn stewardship through various experiences. A healthy environmental interest can be developed through classroom learning, reading books, and watching education shows. However, a better understanding comes from outdoor experiences which allow for hands-on-learning. Planting a tree, catching a bug to study, looking up at the stars through a telescope, and cleaning up a shoreline are all great activities for building a relationship with the world around.

Let's emphasize activity ideas which get kids out in nature, interacting and having fun!


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